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After gaining a BA (hons) degree in photography from the University for the Creative Arts, Surrey and a MA degree from The Royal College of Art, London, I have worked for various clients doing movie and theater stills, advertising and editorial photography but I have always enjoyed experimental photography and have recently started making and exhibiting cyanotype prints.

‘Phytoplankton’ is my latest body of work, and it will be premiered at PhotoLondon in May 2019. An exclusive, limited edition series of cyanotype prints addressing the pressing subject of marine pollution and the inherent beauty of the planet’s simple life forms.

'Thoughts of home' is a series of images which expresses nostalgia for my Icelandic homeland. The images are poetic symbols of everyday Iceland with a more practical underlying function; the majestic waterfalls are also sources of hydroelectric power, the sweet scented wild growing Angelica as the elixir of life and the first sight of the Golden Plover heralding the end of a long winter.

I have started working on two other projects; 'Underwater wonders' celebrating life in the oceans and 'Tip of the Iceberg' a series of photographs of Icebergs and Ice structures in Iceland, highlighting the burning issue of the effects of global warming on the icecaps and life in the northern hemisphere.

Being of duel nationality, Icelandic / British, I work in both countries.